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Roxanne (photo by
STATUS: Adoptable AGE AT ARRIVAL: Approximately 5-6 years old ARRIVAL DATE: April 12th, 2016 SPECIES: Cat BREED: Domestic Short Hair GENDER: Spayed Female LIKES AND DISLIKES: must be the only cat in the home, needs a quiet/low stress home ADOPTION FEE: $150 NOTES: Roxanne would do best as the only cat in the home.

Ladybird rescued Roxanne from Hamilton Animal Control where she found herself as a stray. The shelter staff noticed that Roxanne was showing signs of pain in one of her paws. Turns out, one of her nails had grown so long, it had curled around and embedded into her skin. How awful for poor Roxanne to have to endure such discomfort! HAC staff sent Roxanne to the vet where they trimmed the nail and sent her back to the shelter with pain medication. After Roxanne’s stray time was done, we were happy to rescue her once we had a foster home open up. We took Roxanne to Dr. O’Brien at The Cat Clinic where she had an exam, blood testing and her belly was shaved which showed a spay scar. At some point in her life, someone loved Roxanne enough to have her spayed, but if she was truly a stray, nobody came looking for her. Roxanne had a dental cleaning and three extractions, so her mouth is as good as new!
Roxanne currently takes a medication for arthritis pain, and her adopter will need to be sure to take her for regular vet visits to be sure she’s healthy and happy…
Roxanne is a lovely kitty and will make someone a fine companion.

Here’s a personality report from Roxanne’s foster home:
Roxanne is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. She spends her time following me around the house and cuddling whenever possible. She loves to give face kisses (especially on the nose), and head bonks. She’s pretty fond of food and will let you know (relentlessly) when she’s hungry.
She’s got an impressive knack for figuring out doors, cupboards, and windows and has so far managed to open everything in my house that is not latched. She has a special affinity for the grocery bag cupboard and I’ll often find her curled up asleep there when I get home.
Roxanne will make an excellent addition to any home in search of a loving, kind, sweet cat.

Roxanne doesn’t like her back end being touched, but that’s pretty normal for a lot of cats. Otherwise, she’s pretty much perfect!

Please adopt Roxanne!

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