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Goldie - photo by Willow Bean Photography
STATUS: Adoptable AGE AT ARRIVAL: Approximately 12 years old ARRIVAL DATE: November 13th, 2017 SPECIES: Cat BREED: Domestic Short Hair GENDER: Spayed Female LIKES AND DISLIKES: needs a home with no cats, needs a quiet/low stress home ADOPTION FEE: $150 NOTES:

What a tale Goldie has to tell.
Goldie’s owner showed up to Hamilton Animal Control to surrender her. When the owner was told there was a fee to surrender an animal, she caused a scene, verbally abused the shelter staff and abruptly left the shelter, taking Goldie with her. Shelter staff didn’t even get as far as being able to ask any info about Goldie, or why she was being surrendered.
A few minutes later, another customer came in, carrying Goldie. This customer had watched Goldie’s owner take her to the field at the back of the parking lot, dump Goldie out of the carrier, and drive away. Thankfully, this other customer was kind enough to go over to see if Goldie was okay. Goldie was in such rough shape, she didn’t move from the spot where she was dumped, and didn’t try to run away from the customer when they picked her up. Shelter staff were shocked at Goldie’s condition. She was emaciated and severely infested with fleas. They sent Goldie to the vet where she stayed for a couple of days, and she was then returned to the shelter where she waited for rescue. Goldie’s condition was touch and go for a few weeks. She was unhappy and refused to eat. Shelter staff had to force feed her many times. Slowly but surely though, Goldie started feeling better and her sweet personality began to shine through. Goldie gained weight and started eating on her own. Shelter staff did a great job getting her healthy again after being in such terrible shape.
When we had a foster home open up, we were happy to get Goldie out of her cage and into a warm and loving foster home. She had a vet visit on the day of her rescue and she is pretty healthy for a cat her age…other than needing a couple of teeth removed. Her blood work came back normal (she’s FIV and FeLV negative too!) so we got her the dental surgery she needed and she recovered well.
Through all of this, Goldie never stops purring. She gives everyone she meets a lot of drooly kisses and head bonks. We think she’s pretty happy to be away from her past life and onto better things!

Though she’s an older cat, Goldie still has lots of life in her, and lots (and lots!) of love to give!

Here’s a report from Goldie’s foster home:
Goldie is an independent lady who wants to do things at her own speed and on her own time. She is very patient with being picked up and carried around but would rather if you let her approach you for attention when she feels like it. She makes herself scarce when there is too much noise and action in the house…she is a senior who prefers some peace and quiet! She’s a people cat and definitely not happy when other cats are around. She’s kind of a fussy eater and prefers her food pureed so we have now figured out through trial and error the best recipe for her cat chow ‘smoothie’ made in the blender! She loves to be stroked while she is sitting beside you and will purr loudly to show her happiness. Her favourite pass times are napping and “hunting” her toy bird which she delivers at our feet with a flourish after she has made the “kill”. Goldie is a joy and a graceful and loving lady despite her difficult beginnings!”

Please adopt Goldie!

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