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Adopt an Animal

Available Animals

Ladybird wants to pair lovely pets with lovely people. We’ll do our best to find you the pet that’s just right for you!

Adoption Process

Because our animals are housed in the private homes of our foster families, meetings with adoptable animals are not set up until the adoption application has been filled out and approved. When an application is approved, a meeting will be set up at the foster home for a date and time that works for both parties. Approved adopters are welcome to take the animal home the same day as the meeting, or take some time to think about it. There is no obligation to adopt at the initial meeting. The adoption fee is to be paid the day the adopter takes the animal home.

To adopt an animal from Ladybird, fill out the adoption application by following the link on the page of the animal you wish to adopt. Only animals listed as “Adoptable” in the “Available Animals” section of our website can be applied for. If the animal you are interested in is not listed as available, check back often, and apply once the animal has been listed as adoptable.

*Applications submitted for animals not yet available for adoption will not be processed*

The question we are asked the most: “When will *insert animal name* be available?”
The short answer: we don’t know.
Our animals are only listed as available for adoption when we know they are healthy enough to go to their forever homes. Who wants to adopt a sick animal? Or an animal who may become sick shortly after they go home? Nobody. And from the animal’s point of view; going through the stress of being in a cage at a shelter, going to the vet, being placed in a foster home which is an unfamiliar environment, possibly being medicated, going through surgery, follow up vet visits….it can all take a toll on a wee critter and compromise their immune system. Going through yet another stressful change when they’re not quite ready can bring on an underlying illness. It’s best for the animal to stay in their foster home until we are 100% sure they’re ready to take the leap to their new life.

Sometimes animals stay healthy and happy and can be listed as available a couple of weeks after their rescue. Some animals stay with us for months until their health and/or behaviour issues can be sorted out.

To do right by our animals and to be fair to our adopters, animals are only listed as available for adoption when our vets give us the go ahead to do so.

We know that’s frustrating to you as a potential adopter, but it’s best for everyone in the long run.

We’d love to be able to respond to all the lovely folks who contact us about unavailable animals, but we just don’t have the time or volunteer resources to do so. We don’t reserve animals or take names for when they are available. Best bet; check back to our site often to see when the animal you are interested in has been listed as available and apply then.

*Because of many varying factors, we cannot guarantee the animal you are applying for will still be available. The animal may have been adopted, or may have applications submitted ahead of yours. The foster home may have decided they would like to adopt the animal. The animal may have become ill after being listed as available for adoption and must be put back on the “Available Soon” list until he or she is feeling better. In these cases, you are welcome to apply for another available animal in our care, or check out one of the other rescues and shelters in Southern Ontario who have animals available. There are thousands of rescued pets in need of forever homes in this area and beyond!*

In the case of multiple applications for the same animal, the approved applicant who best suits the animal’s needs will be chosen. Please don’t be upset if you are not picked to adopt. In some cases there have been more than fifty applications for one animal! Many applications are amazing, but there can only be one home for one animal.

If you have a vacation coming up soon, or you’re moving within a few months,  please do not apply to adopt as we cannot hold animals until you return from your trip, or until you’re moved. It’s best to wait until you are home and settled before welcoming a newly adopted pet into your home. If there is a wait of a few days to get your home prepared for the animal, or until you’re off work for the weekend to spend more time with the animal once you get him or her home, we totally get that. But asking us to hold an animal for weeks or months is not realistic. If there is a forever home waiting for the animal right away, that means another animal can be rescued when the foster home opens up. Holding up a foster spot while a potential adopter is away or moving is not fair to the foster home, nor the animal waiting to be rescued. Not to mention we will have to continue to pay for the care of the animal (food, litter, etc) while he or she waits.

Please be patient as it might take some time for Ladybird volunteers to process your application.

Adopters must agree to Ladybird’s Terms of Adoption (click here), provide suitable references, and agree to pay a non-refundable adoption fee (see fees below).


Veterinary Care

When you adopt a dog, cat or small animal from Ladybird you can rest easy knowing that your pet has received the following care:

    • health check by a veterinarian (all animals)
    • spayed or neutered (dogs, cats and rabbits)
    • de-wormed (dogs and cats)
    • vaccinated (dogs and cats)
    • flea treatment (dogs and cats)
    • microchip (dogs and cats)

Adoption Fees:


* All adoption fees are non-refundable and help Ladybird to supplement the costs of the animal’s care during their time with Ladybird.Charitable donation tax receipts cannot be issued for adoption fees, but will be issued for donations $20 and more above the adoption fee. 

  • Cats: $150.00
  • Bonded pair of cats: $250.00
  • Dogs: $300.00
  • Bonded pair of dogs: $550.00
  • Rabbits, Ferrets: $75.00
  • Bonded pair of rabbits/ferrets: $125.00
  • Chinchillas, Hedgehogs: $60.00
  • Guinea Pigs: $25.00
  • Rats, Hamsters, Degus, Gerbils, Mice: $20.00
  • Canary,Finch,Budgie  $25.00
  • Cockatiel, Dove, Lovebird  $40.00
  • Small Parrot  $75.00
  • Medium Parrot  $150.00
  • Large Parrot  $250.00
  • Reptiles: adoption fees vary

When adopting an animal (cat/dog/rabbit) that is not old enough to be spayed/neutered:
The spay/neuter surgery and microchip (microchip for dogs and cats only) are included in the adoption fee. When the animal is old enough for surgery (normally between 4 and 5 months of age), the animal must be taken to one of our affiliate vets to have the spay/neuter surgery done. Between the adoption day and surgery day, the adopter is responsible for any vaccines or treatment their vet recommends and have the treatment done at their own clinic. For dogs and cats, we provide age appropriate vaccines for the animal for the duration of the time that the animal is with us. First set of vaccines are usually done at between 6 and 8 weeks of age, and are continued for two more sets of vaccines in monthly intervals. So, if the adopted animal has only had one set of vaccines, it’s the responsibility of the adopter to have the other two sets done before the spay/neuter surgery. Most vets will not perform the surgery if the animal’s vaccines are not up to date.
We recommend speaking to your own vet just before, or shortly after bringing your new pet home to work out a health plan for your newly adopted pet.


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