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Animal Introductions

Scooter and RupertWe strongly recommend slow and patient introductions when bringing your adopted animal to a home with existing pets. Hastily putting animals who have never met in a room together may result in fighting, injury (to the animals and to you!) and irreparable behavioural issues in the future. Let’s face it… when you meet a complete stranger for the first time, you aren’t immediately friendly and welcoming. We can’t expect our animals to be either. No matter how friendly your existing animal and the adopted animal are towards people, they aren’t necessarily going to be as outgoing with other animals. There are exceptions to every rule, but when it comes to the health and happiness of all the pets in your household, better to take the  slow and safe route.

Here are some videos and links to articles outlining the best ways to introduce your newly adopted pet to the animals in your home.

Cat and Cat

Jackson Galaxy – Cat to Cat Introductions

Petfinder – Simple Tips for Introducing Two Cats

Cat Behavior Associates – Introducing New Cats

Best Friends Animal Society – Introducing a New Cat

Dog and Cat

Jackson Galaxy – Introducing Dogs and Cats

Best Friends Animal Society – Introducing a Cat and Dog

Dog and Dog – Introducing New dog to Existing Dogs

Tips for introducing a new cat to other cats and dogs


Introducing two Rabbits

The Fluffy Group – Bonding rabbits (this is an excellent, honest and well written article on the subject!)

House Rabbit Society – The Most Important Word in Rabbit Bonding: PATIENCE

Rabbit Rescue Inc – Bonding Rabbits

Rabbitmatters – Introducing Rabbits

Ontario Rabbits – Bonding rabbits

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