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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your sanctuary located?

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary does not currently have a physical location – we’re working on it. At the moment we operate as an outreach, rescue, foster and adoption network rather than a shelter facility.

I can no longer keep my pet. I would like to surrender my pet to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. How can I do this?

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary does not accept ‘owned’ or ‘stray’ animals at this time. Our main goal is to save animals from shelters where they will otherwise be euthanized. We currently cannot make exceptions to this policy. Please click here to see our list of Resources to find other shelters and rescues who may be able to provide assistance.

I can no longer keep my pet but I don’t want to surrender it to the Humane Society, Animal Control or a shelter. What are my options?

We encourage you to inquire amongst your friends and family. See if you can find a suitable home for your pet before attempting to contact shelters or rescues. Try posting a message on your Facebook page or other social media – ask your friends and family to re-post your plea. You my also contact your veterinarian for suggestions on what to do. Please click here to see our list of Resources to find other shelters and rescues who may be able to provide assistance.

Here are two great articles on re-homing your pet:
Finding A Responsible Home For Your Pet
Rehoming Cats

There is a stray pet in my neighbourhood. Can you come and rescue him?

As much as we’d love to, unfortunately we can’t take in stray pets at this time. Please contact your local animal shelter to find out if someone has filed a lost pet report. Visit Helping Lost Pets to see if the pet has been reported lost and to file a found report.Post “found pet” posters. Speak to all your neighbours. Please click here to see our list of Resources to find other shelters and rescues who may be able to provide assistance.

I have some pet toys and supplies that I would like to donate to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. Where can I drop them off?

This is great! Donations can be dropped off at:

Munchie’s Coffee House and Barkery
1000 Upper Gage Ave, Hamilton, ON
(in the Goodness Me plaza)

Pet Valu
86 Main Street, Dundas, ON
(in the Dollarama/Tim Hortons plaza)

Or contact us and we can arrange for pick up. Thank you!

I’ve never fostered before but am curious about it. Can you tell me what it entails and how I can foster for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary?

For information, on fostering, or to apply to become an Ladybird foster please visit our Foster page.

How much does it cost to foster an animal for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary?

Nothing! We cover all food, supplies and vet costs. You just provide the time, space and love your foster pet requires.

What if I get attached to my foster pet? Can I choose to adopt the pet forever?

Of course! We would be thrilled if one of our animals could find their forever home with you. But please keep in mind that for us, a good foster home is hard to find. Hopefully you’ll still want to foster animals in need for us – even after adopting a pet of your own.

I live in the United States. Can I foster for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary?

Not at this time, but please get in touch with your local shelter or rescue to inquire about fostering. There can never be enough foster homes, no matter where you live.

I live in a province other than Ontario. Can I foster for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary?

Currently Ladybird Animal Sanctuary maintains a local network solely within Southern Ontario and surrounding regions. Please inquire at your local shelter or rescue for fostering opportunities.

Is Ladybird Animal Sanctuary a not for profit or an official charity?

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is an official registered Canadian Charity; Registration Number: 815911318RR0001.

I would like to donate money to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. Do you offer receipts for donations?

Absolutely! If you donate $20 or more to Ladybird, you will be issued a charitable tax receipt for the amount donated. This doesn’t apply to adoption fees, donation of items, or certain monetary donations where your Ladybird gift is of a certain value.

I donated to Ladybird online through the CanadaHelps website, but I haven’t received a receipt. How can I access my receipt(s)?

Thank you for your donation! When donating through CanadaHelps, you should receive your charitable tax receipt(s) automatically by email. Sometimes these types of messages can get stuck in your spam folder, depending on your email security settings. If you’re still unable to see your receipt(s), you can download your receipt(s) very easily, by visiting visiting – Click Here.

I donated to Ladybird with cash or cheque and still haven’t received my charitable tax receipt. How can I get one?

We appreciate your donation and apologize for the delay in getting your receipt! Physical donations (cheques and cash) take longer to process than making direct online donations. As a rule we always wait for cheque deposits to clear before issuing physical receipts. It’s also important that you include your First and Last Name or Company Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number (optional), and Email Address (optional), to ensure that your receipt is sent to the correct place. You should receive for donation receipt within three months of making your donation. If for some reason you still do not receive your receipt, please contact us.

How can I get one of those awesome dog or cat t-shirts?

Presently, you can get one of our t-shirts of tote bags from one of our Ladybird events or festival booths. Come by and say hi!

I would like to donate an item to a future silent auction or donation sale. Who should I speak to about this?

You’re the coolest! All donated items go a long way. Please contact us with your interest and we’ll arrange a pickup.

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