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Ladybird Animal Sanctuary does not yet have a physical sanctuary, so we rely on a network of foster homes to house our animals while they await adoption. We are always on the hunt for reliable, responsible individuals and families to be official Ladybird animal foster homes. Ladybird provides food, supplies and all veterinary expenses. You provide the space, love and time your foster animal needs until they find their forever home.
We’re happy you are considering fostering for us!

A couple of things to note…
Foster homes must have access to a vehicle for vet visits and food/supply pick up.
– Cats/dogs belonging to the foster family must be up to date on vaccines
– Foster homes for cats must be prepared to separate the foster cat from their own animals for at least two weeks before introducing them to their own animals. A spare room is best for this.
– Ladybird utilizes professional photographers who volunteer their time to photograph the animals in our care. Foster families need to be willing to have a photographer come to their residence to photograph their foster animals.
– It is best for potential adopters to meet foster animals in a space where the animal is comfortable and where the adopter can see the animal’s true nature. Foster families must be willing to allow potential adopters into their home to meet the foster animal. Potential adopters are thoroughly screened before being approved to adopt

If you would like to apply to become a Ladybird foster, please read our Foster Program Policies and Agreement (click here) and fill out our foster application below. You can help us save the lives of animals in need!


SECTION A: Personal Profile

SECTION B: Becoming a Foster Volunteer

SECTION C: Personal Pet(s) Profile

N/A if you do not have any animals at this time
N/A if you do not currently, or have not owned animals in the past

SECTION D: References

Please provide two personal character reference (non-family members, please).

SECTION E: Confirmation

1. Ladybird Animal Sanctuary retains all rights and ownership of any animal in the Foster Program. Ladybird Animal Sanctuary has the right to recall any fostered animal at any time. 2. Ladybird Animal Sanctuary makes all decisions regarding animals to be placed in foster. 3. Foster animals must be returned to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary as soon as they are well or upon request by Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. 4. Only authorized foster volunteers may care for foster animals, foster animals must not be left under anyone else’s care without authorization from Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. 5. Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is not liable for any injury, illness or damage to persons or property, including owned animals, while an animal is in the foster home. 6. Ladybird Animal Sanctuary may visit a foster home at any time providing that the foster volunteer is given prior notice. 7. If a foster home is interested in adopting their fostered animal, the adoption must be approved by Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. All normal adoption procedures will apply. 8. Prior notice is not required for the repossession of an animal when a foster volunteer fails to bring the animal back to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary as requested. 9. All adoption inquiries about foster animals must be directed to a Ladybird Animal Sanctuary adoption liason. 10. Animals are matched to foster volunteers by Ladybird Animal Sanctuary based on volunteer’s experience, ability, and priority needs of animals. 11. Animals belonging to the foster volunteer must have up-to-date DHLPP and rabies vaccines and be spayed or neutered. In addition, owned dogs must have received the bordetella vaccine at least ten days prior to fostering a dog. 12. The foster volunteer should isolate foster animals from existing pets in the household. Animals are to be kept indoors, with the exception of walking dogs. Dogs with kennel cough must be kept away from other dogs in public and on leash. 13. Food for foster animals is provided to foster volunteers by Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is not responsible for any other foster expenses not agreed upon in advance. 14. Foster volunteers must contact Ladybird Animal Sanctuary for all foster animal care needs and questions. Foster animals should not be taken to any veterinarian unless authorized by Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. Emergency protocol provided in the foster manual is to be followed at all times. No veterinary expenses will be reimbursed unless prior authorization was granted by an employee of Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.

SECTION F: News and Updates

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