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Sadie - photo by Willow Bean Photography
STATUS: Adoptable AGE AT ARRIVAL: Approximately 5 and a half years old ARRIVAL DATE: September 25th, 2017 SPECIES: Cat BREED: Domestic Short Hair GENDER: Spayed Female LIKES AND DISLIKES: needs a home with no other animals, needs a home with no small children, needs a quiet/low stress home ADOPTION FEE: $150 NOTES: Sadie would prefer a home with no other cats.

Sadie was surrendered to Hamilton Animal Control by her owners because they were temporarily moving out of the country.
Sadie’s owners told HAC staff that they had never taken Sadie to the vet, so the first thing we did was have her spayed and vaccinated. Sadie healed very well from her surgery and we were hoping to make her available for adoption shortly after, but she wasn’t being very nice to her foster people so we gave her some time. Sadie has come a long way since then, and thanks to a ton of patience from her foster family, she’s finally ready to find her forever home.

Here’s a note from Sadie’s foster mom:
Sadie came to us very shy, nervous and scared. She was surrendered to Animal Control by her owners who were leaving the country “temporarily.” In her 6 years of life, she had never been spayed and had not ever seen a vet. I don’t know what life was like for her leading up to that day she was abandoned at the shelter, but she must have been very confused and upset at being left behind by the people she loved and trusted. She was anxious when I brought her home from the shelter, and was suspicious of her new surroundings. She ran behind the couch and hid, hissing at me from a distance. Needless to say, the experience of getting her to the vet to be spayed two days later only served to further traumatize her. She continued to hide behind the couch, and would only come out for food. It was immediately apparent that she had quite the appetite, and given the extra pounds she was carrying, she was likely overfed by her previous owners. She wouldn’t let me approach her without voicing her displeasure by hissing and growling, although she was never aggressive and did not ever attack me. She was just very obviously stressed and traumatized by the sudden change in scenery. Poor Sadie’s world had been turned upside-down and her trust had been broken.
That was weeks ago, and she has made a lot of progress since then, although she still has a long way to go. She has slowly learned to trust me, and she no longer hides behind the couch. When I open the foster room door, she is either relaxing/sleeping on the couch, or standing on the dresser right by the door, impatiently waiting for me to feed her. She will rub up against me when I’m sitting on the floor with her, head-bonking and purring, looking for affection. She lets me pet her, but she will also let me know with a hiss when she’s had enough. She lets me brush her, but only when she’s eating….this is when she’s happiest and totally distracted. Sadie has been with us for 9 weeks now, and usually by this time, our foster has been integrated into our household. Not Miss Sadie, though, no matter how hard I’ve tried. I don’t think she has ever been around other cats, and doesn’t seem to want anything to do with them. I leave the foster room door open whenever we’re home, and she will come out and sit in the hallway and at the top of the stairs. She has even crept all the way downstairs to explore several times, but these adventures are usually cut short when she sees one of our other cats. There has been no physical aggression on her part during these encounters; she just hisses and growls and backs away, but you can tell she is stressed. For these reasons, I feel like Sadie would do best in a quiet, mature household with no children and no other pets.
Sadie can be very sweet and has a lot of potential to be a wonderful and affectionate companion, but our home is not the ideal environment for her, and she will never fully relax while she is here. She needs a quiet and calm home of her own, and someone special who is willing to work with her to bring her out of her shell; someone who will give her lots of attention, but who also understand her quirks and will give her space when she needs it. She needs someone who is patient and dedicated, and who will invest the time and effort it takes to gain her trust. She needs someone who will give her the love she craves and the care she deserves, and who will make her feel safe. Most importantly, she needs someone who appreciates her, and who will never give up on her or abandon her. Are you that special someone for Sadie? If you can find room in your heart for this lovely yet shy girl, then please fill out an application. Sadie is waiting very patiently to meet you.

Please adopt Sadie!

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