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Permanent Residents

Below you will find profiles of our amazing permanent residents.

When Ladybird rescues an animal from the shelter system it is often impossible to know what kind of medical or behavioural issues they have. They may have experienced trauma or have serious medical conditions that are not initially apparent. Once our vets have examined and treated the animals, occasionally it is decided that the best thing for the animal would be to stay in Ladybird’s care permanently. This most often happens when an animal is considered difficult to adopt because it has a medical condition that either requires expensive ongoing veterinary treatment, or has resulted in a short life expectancy. These animals are otherwise sweet, wonderful companions who deserve the best life possible.

Show Your Support

We are happy to support these animals while they live out their days in the comfort of loving foster homes. As permanent residents, Ladybird fully covers vet care, medicine and supplies. If you would like to make a contribution to help support our permanent residents, we would be grateful! Please consider making a donation today.




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