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Tuesday’s rescue and surgery


Meet Tuesday!

She’s a lovely tortoiseshell kitty who was found as a stray and brought into Hamilton Animal Control. She had a puncture wound in the back of one leg, and was sent to a vet. She was given the maximum vet treatment that HAC allows for (which isn’t much), then sent back to the shelter. Because of her sweet personality, Tuesday became one of the lucky ones at HAC, and was moved to a separate area in the shelter reserved for cats that are “staff favourites”….which meant her life would be spared from euthanasia after the mandatory 72 hour stray time that animals at HAC are allotted. Being in the rescue area isn’t a complete respite from death, but it gives these cats a much better chance at an exit from the shelter alive.
It was soon obvious that there was something else wrong with Tuesday’s leg, as she didn’t want to put any weight on it long after the puncture had healed. Despite much pleading from HAC staff, she was passed over by every other rescue organization and shelter who could have rescued her.  A foster home finally became available to us, so it was Ladybird to the rescue! We picked Tuesday up and took her straight to the vet for an assessment.

It was originally though that Tuesday had a torn cruciate, but it turned out she had luxating patella. The vet did a great job with the surgery, and Tuesday is now healing in her foster home.

After just one day in her new surroundings, her foster mom had this to say about Tuesday, ” She really is a snuggle puss and a very insistent one. When you give her head a pet, she butts your hand so hard that sometimes her front paws come off the ground.”
We think Tuesday was certainly worth saving…even though her surgery put a big dent in the Ladybird finances.


Tuesday will need some follow up appointments at the vet, and when our vet gives us the go-ahead that she is healed and healthy, Tuesday will be made available for adoption.

We can only do these types of rescues with your help. Your donations allow us to rescue animals like Tuesday, and give them the second chance they deserve.  Click the “Donate Now” button on the right of this page to help us help animals in need. Ladybird receives no government or corporate funding. We can’t rescue more Tuesdays without you!

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